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About Us

We are young entrepreneurs from around the globe who had grown around new technologies and realized that there are different financial system failures. Not every country on earth has a decent banking system, and not everyone is eligible to get an account and be part of the new economy.

Never the less, some countries have a severe financial problem as inflation leading to a vast amount of people from having money that it's worth a monthly grocery shopping to a weekly grocery shopping in a couple of days. Governments do not always act for the best interest of people and banks neither.

We have been part of this financial failure from a first-person perspective. That is why we decided to spread the word about stablecoins with everyone on the planet and provide quality, transparent, and fair information about the advantages of moving your money into stablecoins.

Knowing that you can be your bank, that you have full control of your money, and you are free to use it anytime, anywhere, is, in some way, one of the fascinating experiences that you will feel when adopting these new economics. More importantly, your money is backed by valuable assets that will prevent your money to become worthless over time.

Our goal is to show the benefits that you can get, for example, by lending your money to someone else using stablecoins and the ease of getting a loan in this new economy without having to sell your soul.

Adding services and tagging them to make one of the most (and maybe the most) broader verified index of listed services accepting stablecoins is one of our milestones. Being a successful and useful platform for users is our dream.

We work to deliver the best experience when browsing services across the platform, keeping them updated and verifying that those are fully functional and not deprecated somehow. It's intensive and time-consuming labor, but we know how annoying it is to find something and spend half an hour researching it to realize that the service is not available anymore finally.

Made with ❤️ to improve this world, crew.