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BUSD is a stablecoin issued by Paxos in partnership with Binance.

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RT @kucoincom: #KuCoin Token Listing Voting Activity for PoW Projects -Community Voting Round is Kicking Off!

We've got 5 projects qualifi…
🤔quién habrá intentado eso?
RT @tayvano_: Stop giving teams, products & platforms the benefit of the doubt.

bZx's repeatedly fucked up. Repeatedly. At least *6* times…
@sorpaas @sorpaas I agree with you, I’ve talked about polarization in a lot of places. It’s not good for anyone.
RT @1inchExchange: This one was difficult to write for us, it's not something we have taken lightly...
#DeFi #DeFiS…
@paxcambiaria @Mariandipietra @arielsbdar Creo que no leĂ­ste el hilo.
RT @femkesvs: friends, we just moved the entire company to slack. 38,000 people.

RT @cz_binance: Exchange is probably one of the hardest businesses to run. One of the toughest part of is economy of scale. Without scale,…
RT @cz_binance: You are able to cancel orders now. The charts will take a couple more minutes to catch up, but should do before live tradin…
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(following up & expounding…