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Gold has been used to preserve wealth throughout thousands of years.
The stability of gold’s long-term purchasing power is unprecedented and superior to any fiat currency.

GOLD Ethereum-based ERC20 token is a convenient and instant way to store, buy, sell or transfer investment grade gold.

GOLD token is exactly what you need to purchase gold and store it digitally with complete anonymity and guaranteed protection of your assets from high volatility and loss of value.

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It is a common knowledge that physical gold dealing requires disclosure of personal information and compliance with local regulations that vary widely from country to country. #GOLD is your opportunity to own physical gold while remaining private. #stablecoin
If you want to know more about Digital Gold, please read our White Paper. We tried to tell everything there about out project. #erc20 #token #gold #whitepaper
#GOLD token is issued and operated by DIGITAL GOLD LTD company incorporated in St. Vincent and Grenadines.
Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced group of experts in #finance, #banking, #legal, #wealth #management,
IT and blockchain industry.
All bounty payments for the April campaign were made today. Thank you all for your participation. #bounty #payment #token #gold #erc20 #reward #goldforwork #work
The gold jewelry sellers of Dubai are considering the idea of closing their stores to cut costs until the country's economy recovers after the lockdown. #jewelry #gold #market #price
GOLD token is based on #Ethereum network and is compatible with the most popular cryptocurrency wallets that support Ethereum ERC20 standard tokens. #gold #token #wallet #stablecoin #erc20
It's been over a century since the legendary Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship's remains still hide a lot of expensive items, jewels and even gold bars. #ship #story #titanic #gold
GOLD is a transparent financial instrument, where physical gold purchased by our company is easily matched real-time against the amount of issued tokens. #token #gold #stablecoin #erc20 #crypto

Dear GOLD token holders!

We are happy to report that we have started formation of advisory board to expand our business globally. This will improve efficiency of all running processed dedicated to growth of GOLD liquidity.
In March 2020, Germany imported almost 17 tons of gold from Switzerland. On the other hand, 43 tons went to the USA to eliminate the deficit on the COMEX exchange in New York. #gold #comex #trade