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EOSDT is the #1 decentralized EOS-backed stablecoin.

EOSDT is a USD-based stablecoin that leverages underlying EOS collateral and adds extra liquidity to the sector. 

Equilibrium could use its resources to ensure that consumers get their funds back in the event of exceptional market occurrences.


- Collateralizing EOS cryptocurrency is the only way to put EOSDT into circulation.

- The on-chain stability mechanisms maintain a 1:1 parity with USD.

- EOSDT is designed in a regulatory compliant manner to be considered a cryptocurrency.

Use cases

- Leveraging: Hold & leverage your EOS for EOSDT stablecoins, lend yourself a USD-pegged cryptocurrency at just 1% APR.

- Payments: Use Equilibrium Payment Gateway supporting QR-codes for everyday payments and enjoy the lightning speed of transactions.

- Lending: Lend or borrow Equilibrium stablecoins pegged to multiple local currencies and mitigate FX volatility risk.

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