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What is Oasis?

Oasis is a high performance and privacy blockchain computing platform. Oasis Labs, based in Berkeley, California, is designing its platform.

Oasis uses a unique architecture and protocol design that separates computing from consensus. Thanks to this innovative structure within the blockchain ecosystem, Oasis becomes a faster and more robust alternative. This feature also enables it to support computationally complex applications that you won't find on conventional blockchain platforms.

Smart contracts designed by Oasis Labs protect privacy. Oasis provides private "self-managed privacy" protection that applies to every layer of Oasis technology. This privacy feature is rare for most blockchains.

In addition to being private, it is a secure platform that can mitigate hackers' risk, manipulation, and other dangers. This blockchain platform wants its users to come to it to create ideas in a decentralized cloud with "built-in data privacy and top-notch security."

Designed so that developers, whether large or small companies, can have their project safe and private. So that it can be used easily, the platform provides a series of tools and SDK.

Its interface is also quite intuitive and easy to use. Implementing, monitoring, and sharing your services are simple. It lets you execute actions such as view statistics on your projects, automatically finance your wallet, and remote control devices. These actions can be done in the interface itself with just a few clicks.


Programming language

Oasis supports different programming languages: Rust for confidential and non-confidential smart contracts and Solidity for non-confidential intelligent contracts. It may accept other languages ​​such as C, C ++, Java, and Go.

Consensus protocol

This platform uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol; however, its architectural design is different. Separate computation from consensus to be more scalable. The Oasis network infrastructure will be made up of various Node operators. These nodes will manage multiple parts of the decentralized architecture of the network.

OLS Token

An initial coin sale (ICO) took place in which $ 45 million was raised to develop the platform. The token will be necessary to use the platform and how the miners will receive the reward for their work.

The Oasis project is still under development, and, at the moment, not much more information is known about it. summary about Oasis:

Oasis is home to all things Dai. With a simply smooth user interface and easy to use functions, it's not a surprise that Oasis (and Maker) have seen strong and steady growth in the past few months.
Moving on, it'll be interesting to enjoy other exchanges analyses of Oasis Trade, Borrow, and Save as they seek to utilize passive earnings opportunities like the Dai Savings Rate. To start with any of the Oasis items discussed in this guide, go to the following links:

Stablecoins team has used Oasis trade and borrow in the past, and it works perfectly. You need to note that depending on the Ethereum blockchain congestion, and it might take a while to process all your actions.

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