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What is Heatbit?

Picture yourself looking at an electric heater that looks like a standard electric heater that doesn't make any noise at all. It's easy to install and move around, that's safe and doesn't produce harmful gases, and that consumes the same as an average heater.

Heatbit is a regular, typical electric heater with one BIG difference. It mines BTC while heating.

Using the heat produced by mining BTC and after dissipating it through special metal alloys, Heatbit can deliver a noise-free heat. The energy consumed for home heating can now be mining BTC at the same time. Isn't that awesome?

Something (a little or a lot) is better than nothing.

While an average heater consumes your electricity and increases your bills, Heatbit consumes the same amount of electricity, but it generates profits by mining BTC. The maths are simple. If you already own an electric heater and replace it with a Heatbit, it's worth it no matter what the BTC price is.

Heatbit is intended to replace an old heater in every aspect. It is a high-end product that looks like a brand new heater. It has top quality materials with a nice, minimalist finish of a polished aluminum on its base and a glass white termination color on its body.

Functionality and installation:

Heatbit is a plug-in ready product, easy to install, and use. Connect it to your WiFi network, and you are prepared to go. The official Heatbit mobile app will sync with your heaters, and you will be able to configure in just a few taps.

With the "Children Safe Mode" option available on your app, you can control and reduce the amount of heat it generates, making it safe to be in your children's room.

The Bitcoins mined goes directly to your wallet, or you can select among various altcoins to convert your Bitcoins into it and send it to your preferred wallet.

Last few words:

No one will know that your heater is mining Bitcoin unless you tell them. It's just an average, standard looking electric heater...that mines you Bitcoin.

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