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Get a hold on your investment by keeping the diamonds yourself

  • First and foremost we’re a team of experts in the areas of gemology, finance and the internet
  • Diamonds are the smallest and lightest way to store a high-value asset
  • Now is the ideal time to invest in diamonds while prices are low but look set to increase in the near future
  • We only sell natural diamonds (not synthetically produced)
  • All our diamonds are certified (GIA, HRD or IGI), the three most trusted certifying laboratories worldwide
  • Our diamonds are from conflict-free and legitimate origins
  • Every stone is laser-marked denoting the certification
  • We offer all qualities across the market,with more than 5,000 stones available to buy
  • Filters help you easily find the stone you want, including the 4 Cs and more properties
  • Become a diamond aficionado - learn about the most precious gemstones in the world.
  • Easily monitor the value of your diamond (with IDEX®, or RAPAPORT® price references)
  • Take advantage of our buy-back option (conditions apply)
  • Buy duty-free (depending on your location and situation)
  • New exciting features to come in our members' area (diamond comparison feature, auctions, resources)
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