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What is Quantfury?

Quantfury is a new securities firm model that provides its users with a platform where they can trade and invest cryptocurrencies as well as other financial instruments, including equities, fiat pairs, and commodities, for a requested size with complete fidelity in the transaction's execution at prices of global and crypto exchanges without any fees.

Quantfury digitalized and published the user trading data anonymously with the help of a smart contract and IPFS, so the Quantfury trading conditions and volume's authenticity can always be verified.


Truly Free Trading

The only objective monetary value that has a measurable impact on your trading and investing outcome is the cost of entry and the cost of exit of your trades and investments.

The reason for this is owing to the fact that you enter and exit your position at a disadvantage because of the spread, which is the variation between the buy and sell price, and the cost of diverse trade commissions and interest costs if you use leverage. 

The great thing about Quantfury is that there are certainly no fees or commissions of any kind. Quantfury ensures that the prices for assets traded on the app are delivered in real-time, back-to-back without manipulation, or adjusting directly from the exchanges where those assets are traded. 


How Does Quantfury Stand Out from Competitors?

Users can make use of their cryptocurrency as collateral and get fiat funds to trade traditional and crypto-assets. Most brokers demand users to primarily change their cryptocurrency to fiat before depositing it, while cryptocurrency exchanges only allow you to trade other cryptos with your current cryptocurrency assets.

Additionally, a strong point of difference between Quantfury and the competition is the fact that, as we said before, there are no commissions, leverage fees, or any other kind of hidden fees.

Finally, Quantfury does not adjust the spreads, so users always trade using real market prices.


Who can take profit from using Quantfury?

Everyone who possesses cryptocurrency can benefit from using Quantfury since this application lets you quickly trade markets. The ability to use cryptocurrency to invest in commodities or stocks to diversify your portfolio is a solid point in favor of Quantfury, helping it appeal to crypto owners.

Quantfury will also appeal to anyone who wants to get the most out of their investments due to transparent pricing based on the actual market values and the certainty of no fees.

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