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About LockTrip:


What would happen if we remove the intermediary and directly connect the person who requires the hotel with the one who offers it? LockTrip delivers a new solution to the accommodation market and is one of the systems that will connect clients and owners directly, without intermediaries, without fees and intermediation commissions. It has a platform to register accommodation and enables its reservation to use its "LOC" token, which works under the Ethereum network. In this way, owners can register their hotels and edit their listings on the blockchain, and guests connect to the platform can choose the place they like best to host, among a wide variety. Traditional payment methods are supported. Being a decentralized alternative, LockTrip will return this value to the end customer, allowing cheaper accommodations.

LockTrip structure explained in three layers:

1) User layer: the first layer considers the user interface on different platforms, starting with the web and then mobile for smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android).

2) Centralized backend: The central backend will maintain a mirror database of the decentralized LOC Ledger. As it is expensive to keep the blockchain's data, LockTrip will support the massive data (images, videos, documents, or any other content) on its servers. All activities will be executed on the blockchain, through the use of a smart contract engine.

3) Decentralized Blockchain Layer: Using the Ethereum VM, LockTrip will maintain an address book of all blockchain listings. The settlement information will be recorded, insured, and executed on a blockchain. This layer is open source and will remain for free and universal use by all. "LOC" TOKEN The platform uses the "LOC" token, which is traded on exchanges: FatBTC, HitBTC, Idex, Gatecoin, Yobix, Mercatox. Put merely, Locktrip's vision is to eliminate intermediaries who charge high fees without adding value to the service, return the marketing power to hotels, permanently reduce accommodation prices for all travelers and offer transparent reservations by connecting directly to the guest with the property.

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