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EURS is the first euro-pegged digital asset, consolidating the advantages of the world's second most-exchanged cash with the straightforwardness, permanence, and proficiency of the blockchain.

EURS mirrors the value of the euro on the blockchain, and is supported by liquidity assurance mechanisms provided by our ecosystem partners. Every token is supported 1:1 by euros held in our hold accounts. Notwithstanding euros, EURS can be given in return for protections, which are acquired by STASIS' liquidity suppliers. 

The token is supported by an ecosystem of liquidity providers, custodians, exchanges, payment platforms and others. In addition to direct emissions from STASIS, EURS can be purchased on ePayments and trades on several digital asset exchanges, including Globitex, HitBTC, and Changelly.

Produced by STASIS, EURS was developed to tokenize the traditional fiat asset known around the world as the Euro. EURS mirrors the value of the Euro on the blockchain, and is said to be supported by liquidity assurance mechanisms combining the benefits of a global fiat with the transparency, immutability and efficiency of the blockchain. According to their website, all tokens are fully backed by 1:1 collateral reserves. The company aims to promote transparency by providing daily statements from account providers along with weekly verifications and quarterly audits by a top 5 global accounting firm.

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$EURS Stablecoin - Round 2 Airdrop is now LIVE!

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With the Esports market rapid growth, the industry already requires the reliability offered by the blockchain and transparency offered by #crypto, and #stablecoins such as $EURS may become the perfect tool for global payments in the forthcoming future.
The spring is promising to be hot in the #Crypto field, as the development of the governmental legal frameworks will shape the ultimate way of a digital asset industry development for the upcoming years.
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Cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, in particular, can be used to reshape the bounty and loyalty programs and raise the bar for many industries. From airlines to hotels - this trend may take many areas and benefits of both customers and companies.
Our CEO @gregoryklumov explains why a gold-backed #stablecoin will never have a future and why the world needs a next-generation E-currency designed to provide better options for trading, payments, and transfers.

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The balance between revolutionary but highly volatile assets and traditional fiat currencies seems to be found and appreciated by many world countries. Crypto pegged to Dollar, Euro, Yuan etc. will soon become a mainstream option for everyday life
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