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Produced by STASIS, EURS was disclosed to tokenize the conventional fiat asset known worldwide as the Euro. EURS mirrors the Euro's value on the blockchain and is said to be held by liquidity insurance mechanisms linking the benefits of a global fiat with the transparency, immutability, and effectiveness of the blockchain. According to their website, all tokens are entirely backed by 1:1 collateral assets. The organization aims to promote transparency by providing daily statements from account providers, verifications, and regularly inspects by a top 5 global accounting firm.

The EURS stablecoin mixes the profits of blockchain technology with the reputation and relative stability of the Euro. Most cryptocurrency owners are subject to significant volatility and counterparty risk. EURS decreases these risks by letting users hold a stable digital asset, transparently supported by euro reserves. A RELIABLE WAY TO NEGOTIATE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN EURS is the first euro-pegged digital asset, linking the benefits of the world's second most purchased currency with the transparency, immutability, and effectiveness of the blockchain.

EURS mirrors the Euro's value on the blockchain and is supported by our ecosystem partners' liquidity assurance mechanisms. Every token is financed 1:1 by euros held in our savings accounts. Besides to euros, EURS can be circulated in exchange for contracts purchased by STASIS's liquidity providers. The token is held by an ecosystem of liquidity providers, managers, exchanges, payment platforms, etc. Referring to direct discharges from STASIS, EURS can be acquired on ePayments and trades on several digital asset transactions, including Globitex, HitBTC, and Changelly. EURS, an EIP20 token, is the leading stablecoin to introduce approved payments on the actions. Alternatively, they can pay transaction expenses in EURS or any other digital asset backed by the STASIS wallet, which is a massive improvement in user experience. APPLICATIONS For transfers By listing EURS, cryptocurrency exchanges get an excellent stable token, which may interest customers such as commercial companies and other expert investors and implement an alternative to the traditional economic infrastructure.

For payment platforms, EURS Allows you to sell with cryptocurrency without disclosing them to extreme volatility by submitting stable digital assets secured to a currency they already trust.

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