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About USDK - OKLink

USDK-Stablecoin Powered by Blockchain and United States Licenced Trust Company

1:1 Exchange, Secure, Trusted, Transparent

One Hundred Percent Reserve

Ensured 1:1 currency exchange rate between USDK and USD.

- Special Fund Custody

Every USDK is backed by 1 USD from the Prime Trust Special Account.

- Regular Account Auditing

Audit firm will offer regular monthly audit reports monthly for optimum transparency.

- Powered by Blockchain

USDK is established based on Ethereum innovation. Noticeable, Trustable.

- Protect, Trusted, Relied on

USDK Agreement has actually passed the audit by Certik and SlowMist.

- Strong User Base

A strong user base creates a higher liquidity to the stablecoin market.

Who is supporting USDK - OKLink?

Kyber Network
Token Swap

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We’re honoured to be awarded the "Hong Kong Rising Star" by Deloitte! We will continue our efforts to innovate and contribute to digital economy with blockchain technology.
🌐 OKLink-BCH/BSV Block Explorers available! Remember what we said last month about launching more #explorers? Here you go! Check them out:
The 3rd audit report of our stablecoin, $USDK's dollar reserve by Armanino is released on 3 Sep (EST).

A total of 28,600,072 $USDK is issued & the same amount of US dollars are held in reserve in the @PrimeTrustCo special account.

View report:
OKLink-LTC Block Explorer is now available! After the upgrade, this powerful explorer is probably now the fastest explorer available in the world, providing accurate, real-time data that you need. More tokens will be supported soon, stay tuned!
@El_Sand1 @OKEx Yes they are fake
We're seeing an increasing number of fake websites and groups which try to scam our customers.

OKLink has only one official website:

Please be reminded not to open any unknown URL nor visit unsafe websites to avoid personal data theft and asset losses.
The 2nd audit report of our stablecoin $USDK's dollar reserve by Armanino is released on 1 August (EST). Currently, a total of 28,600,072 $USDK is issued & the same amount of US dollars are held in reserve in the @PrimeTrustCo special account. View report:
We've received reports of Telegram groups claiming to run giveaways on @OKLink's behalf. Please note that is the ONLY official group.

We'll only announce promotions via our official channels. Should you have any doubts, always verify with us first!
Our BTC Blockchain Explorer will upgrade tonight! The new version will feature the stats of transactions and mining data. Also, we will launch the LTC Explorer in August. Stay tuned!
$USDK is an open-source project that holds a 1:1 ratio of $USDK to $USD, in reserves held by @PrimeTrustCo.