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USDx is a stablecoin(ERC-20 token) decentralized index launched by the dForce Network (https:/ It is attached to a basket of selected stablecoins (USDC 35 percent, PAX 35 percent, and TUSD 30 percent),  with constituents and weightings adjustable through on-chain governance. The bidirectional exchange are wholly on-chain and verifiable on Etherscan

For interest-bearing and crypto-loan applications, USDx has been integrated with Lendf. Me (dForce's Money Market protocol). A protocol to increase yields will be introduced to allow holders of USDx to earn passive yields.

Highlights of USDx:

    - Interest-bearing Capability
    - Strong Peg and Robust Trust Model
    - Risk Diversification
    - Multi-layer Risk Buffers
    - Decentralized Governance

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RT @GeorgeKEYGROUP: very interesting guide, it's much easier to use MYKEY smart wallet for DeFi.
Video guide here👇
It is very easy to play around #DeFi @LendfMe by contract wallet @mykey_lab
Tutorial here👇
Activity with Mykey🔥

Quick start with earning compound interests on your #stablecoin holdings every 15 seconds with the flexibility to withdraw your money at any time!

#1: Access through "Stablecoin Saving" on the Dapps page of @mykey_lab

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@ethstatus UI and private messages feature look great.

Btw, @dForcenet is going to build a full stack of #DeFi protocols including stable-assets, lending, liquidity protocols, etc.

Lending market @LendfMe has locked value around 13M
@RyanSAdams @OKEx @BiKiEnglish One more interesting thing is #USR proposed by @dForcenet will empower #USDx inherent interest.

More info👇
@RyanSAdams @OKEx is the first exchange to integrate #DSR.
@BiKiEnglish is another one

I am not sure about other cases. You are right there are rooms for a combination of #CeFi and #DeFi
@RyanSAdams @WrappedBTC @imTokenOfficial @HuobiGlobal @LendfMe #imBTC